Tottering Pillar

Tottering Pillar (p. 236)

Hard work has revealed several routes amongst the generally poor quality rock at the base of Tottering Pillar and the area to its left. Routes are listed L to R.

  • One of these Days* 11b 7 bolts. Starts at the far L (S) end up a small ramp. Doug Orr 04/13.
  •  Chossasoreus Wrecks bolted by Jani Vaaranpaa . L finish** 12c 11 bolts Rick Leslie 10/13; R finish*** 12b 10 bolts Jani Vaaranpaa 05/13. 
  • Three Fourteen 11- Gear to 1″ Prominent crack line. Adam Tutte 03/14.
  • Powered by Pepperoni** 12b 9 bolts. 1 m R of Three Fourteen. Adam Tutte. 07/12.
  • Unknown  40m 11a Gear and bolts. Follows corner and crack systems just right of Powered by Pepperoni. All bolts to sub-anchor at 15m. Caution: some loose blocks. Pat Delaney 04/14.

Tottering Pillar (far right, p. 238)

  • Dream Café* 11b 7 bolts. Bolted arete L of Bright Angel. Gordon Jenkin 10/13.