The Terraces

The Terraces, The Balcony

The Balcony is a small wall above a terrace located 50 m S of Snarling (p. 234) and is reached by way of a few metal rungs embedded in the rock band below.

L – R the routes are:

  • Project. Just L of the top of the rungs.
  • Short Circuit** 11a 6 bolts 12 m. Just R of the top of the rungs. Jon Jones 04/17.
  • Lord of the Rungs** 10b 8 bolts 15 m. Jon Jones 03/17.
  • Snakes and Ladders* 10a 8 bolts 18m. Jon Jones 10/16.
  • Sidesteppin’ ** 10a 10 bolts 20 m. Jon Jones 10/16.

The Terraces, Snarling (p. 234)

Black Bee 10a 13 bolts 30 m. Start 20 m L of Life in the Slow Lane. Two very different 2* climbs unfortunately separated by a large terrace, which is a detraction for some. Climb a short but nice tan coloured wall (crux, 4 bolts) to a large ledge. Cross this, taking care not to dislodge loose rocks, to a fine looking buttress. You can belay here (2 bolts) or continue, bearing in mind that the leader will not be visible to the belayer for the first few metres. Nine bolts lead to an airy finish. Rolf Rybak 09/17.

Redline** 10b/c 12 bolts (red hangers). 2 m L of Life in the Slow Lane.  Jon Jones 09/17.

The Terraces, Bel-Air and Fools Wall (p. 235)

  • Flying Squirrel** 11d 5 bolts. 2 m L of prominent, 3 m high fang of rock. Reachy crux. Tom Freebairn 08/17.
  •  Lost Highway** 11d 8 bolts. 2 m R of prominent, 3 m high fang of rock. Doug Orr 07/14.
  •  Fool’s Gold** *12d/13a 7 bolts. Between Lost H’Way and Fools Like Me. Doug Orr 07/14.