Summer Land

Summer Land is the small, but distinctive, white crag that sits high on the hillside directly opposite the central part of Claim-It-All and has the dubious distinction of having the longest approach at Skaha (75 minutes)! And no, the name is not a reference to the crag’s proximity to the town of Summerland! It faces west, so gets morning shade. However the long open approach makes it hot going on a warm day and it is probably best visited during cooler weather when the mornings are cool and you are looking for somewhere to climb in the afternoon sun. The routes are short (10 – 16 m), require 5 to 8 quick draws and were developed by Tom Freebairn and Alan Massin during 2016 and 2017.

Approach: Start as for the approach to The Grand Canyon. After passing Diamond Back, the trail swings to the right and climbs up to a level section.  After about 100 m a trail merges from the left. Double back here and gain the toe of a rocky ridge on your right. Follow the trail along the top of this ridge until you are opposite Claim-it-All (below Morning Thief).  Find a trail that leads down to the floor of the canyon and back up the other side. (Some cairns.) Higher up the trail heads quite a bit north before finally doubling back to the south and the base of the wall at its right end.

L to R, the routes are:

1 Fertile Crescent 11a 5 bolts 10 m. Owen Smith.

2 Uva 10a 6 bolts 14 m. Alan Massin.

3 Ursi 10d 5 bolts 10 m. Owen Smith.

4 Fiddler on the Roof 10d 5 bolts 14 m. Follows the corner crack system. Alan Massin

5 If I had a Sprinter 11b 7 bolts 16 m.This line takes you over a bulge then on to a blank looking face and ending in a groove. Tom Freebairn.

6 Project 11d or 12a.

7 Always a Pleasure Never a Chore 11a 8 bolts 16 m. Follows crack system ending at a stunted snag. Tom Freebairn.

8 Brushing My Teeth on a Unicycle 11c 7 bolts 17 m. Recognizable by the dish like feature half way up. Tom Freebairn.

9 Open Project12 + or 13- . Follows crack ending in smooth face 3/4 of the way up. Tom Freebairn.

10 Salix 11c 6 bolts 14 m.  Follows crack in the middle of a smooth face. Tom Freebairn.

11 Potpourri 11a 5 bolts 14 m. Start under roof, work over L to a crack and finish on the arête.Tom Freebairn.