The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is located directly below the Father’s Day sector of Claim-It-All Wall. It faces east but has more shade than CIAW. The easiest way to find this crag is to head to Claim-It-All. Just before you reach the cliff, there is a toilet in the valley floor. From the toilet, bushwhack due east through grass and trees to reach a well worn, north-south trending trail.  Follow this trail northwards to where until it curves right before descending down into the canyon floor ; The Sanctuary can now be seen up to the left from here. The climbs were established by Tom Freebairn and Allan Massin in 2017.

The southern sector has three short routes which are accessed by a diagonal ramp. All three routes begin on a ledge and share a common belay station. From left to right:

1) Restoration 10c 5 bolts, Allan Massin.

2) Synchronicity 11a 6 bolts, Allan Massin.

3) Intuition 11a 6 bolts, Allan Massin.

The northern sector routes are located  through the trees on the right. From left to right:

1) Sendsational 11a 6 bolts, Tom Freebairn .

2) Holy Foliation 11b 5 bolts, Tom Freebairn .

3) Neotoma 11a 7 bolts, Tom Freebairn. The second pitch continuing on above Holy Foliation.

4) Golden Days 10d 6 bolts, Allan Massin.

5) Tour of Duty 11c 7 bolts, Tom Freebairn. The second pitch, above Golden Days.

6) There I Was 10c 5 bolts, Allan Massin. Located at the far north end of the crag