Off White

Some of the old routes here recently received a much needed cleaning and their original carbon steel bolts replaced with stainless steel bolts and anchors upgraded. 3 new routes were also built at the left end.


BC Parks 11b

True Blue 11c (only upper part above the break rebolted).

Rather Off White 11d (cleaned but not rebolted).

Rather Jolly Actually 10d/11a.

New (at left end). L to R:

Weakened Warrior 11b, 7 bolts 15  m. Jugs to crimpy face. Rolf Rybak 08/18.

Carpet Cleaner 10a/b, 8 bolts 17 m. Fun warm up route. Rolf Rybak 08/18.

True Yellow 11a/b, 9 bolts 22 m. A link-up that avoids the 11c start to True Blue. Start on BC Parks and cut across diagonally right after its first bolt to join True Blue at the big horizontal break. Lotsa fun. Jon Jones 08/18.