New Stuff

This page features new routes completed since a sector’s update page was first published and also a listing of new update pages. Listed by most recent posting first.

Chatsworth Edge (posted 2019/03/11)

See new page stored on Route Updates.

Jericho (Cave Hill) (posted 2018/09/25)

See new page stored on Route Updates.

Off White (posted 2018/09/25)

See new page stored on Route Updates.

Foreplay (posted 2018/07/12)

Rolf Rybak has added a bolt (red hanger) so that you can cut across right at the 4th bolt of No Foreplay for Grumpa to join It’s a Nice,Tight Fit, which is then followed to the anchor of Start Me Up (3 more bolts) for a nice 11b/c. (And as Rick Leslie pointed out, you could also start up It’s a Nice,Tight Fit, join No Foreplay for Grumpa and finish up No Foreplay Needed and experience the cruxes of all three of these routes (11d, 11d, 13a).

Summerland (posted 2018/06/27).

Anna’s Laugh 12a, 8 bolts 17m. L of Always a Pleasure……  Follow crack/seam to roof, then R to corner feature. Tom Freebairn 2018/06.

Reilly Rock (posted 2018/05/20).

Boomerang 10a, 9 bolts 20m. Starts at the large undercut crack between Blinded by the Light and Pug. Enter this (crux) and follow it until you can break out onto the face on the right at the 4th bolt. Mostly easy climbing above except for a short but well protected section where the face steepens. Jon Jones 2018/05/18.

A Short Grunt to Nowhere 10b, 5 bolts 12m. Start as for Dancing in the Shade. At the second bolt climb directly up and over the small overhang. Easy climbing above leads to the anchor. Jon Jones 2018/08/15.




The Sanctuary (posted 2018/05/20). See new page stored on Route Updates .

Foreplay (posted 2018/04/25).

The Last Newspaperman 12c, 8 bolts. Just R of The Back Hand of God.  Stick clip first bolt. Casey Green 2018/04/23.

and at the other end of the spectrum:

Titch 5.7, 3 bolts 8m. The arête on the R end of Terry’s Face, just R of Two Strokes. Jon Jones 2018/03

Nether Land (posted 2018/04/25).

Scott and Tessa, 5.9, 8 bolts. Brian Bendig 2018.

The Belfry, Grand Canyon (posted 2017/10/25).

Rock Soft 11b 11 bolts. A variation of Rock Hard that shares the same start for 4 bolts and then bypasses the hard (5.12b) middle section by way of a corner (10a) a few m to the R to rejoin the original route just below the airy 11b finish. Jon Jones 08/17.

Whitewash Buttress (posted 2017/10/09). See new page stored on Route Updates.

Summer Land (posted 2017/10/04). See new page stored on Route Updates.

Diamond Back (posted 2017/09/15)

No Soup for You 12b 5 bolts. Thin crack/seam between Nemesis and Es lo que es (p. 169). Tom Freebairn 09/17.

Foreplay (posted 2017/09/06) 

Easy to Get 10a 8 bolts. This is a link-up from Brace Yourself Sheila to Hard to Get. Climb the first 3 bolts of Brace Yourself Sheila. Just above here, move over L past a new bolt with a maroon coloured hanger and join Hard to Get, which is followed to the top. Rolf Rybak 09/17.