Jericho (Cave Hill)

Jericho is the steep west facing flank of Cave Hill (p. 132 in Howie’s guide; p. 136 in Marc’s). There are now 3 routes and one unfinished project on this impressive wall. L to R these are:

Project Obvious diagonal line left of black streaks.

Merkvana 11d/12a, 9 clips. John Pogson 2017.

Gum Boot Dancer 11d to first anchor (requires 1 QD, rest are fixed); 12d to top anchor (requires 6 more QD’s, rest are fixed). Built by Rob Birtles. FA Rick Leslie. 08/18. Stick-clipping first bolt is advised.

Gum Boot Dancer. Photo by Rick Leslie.

Antaeus 12d. Sean Dougherty & Hugh Lenny. FA Hugh Lenny 1999.