Route Updates

We are just collecting information about the new routes at skaha. As it comes together, we will put it here. For now, check out the legacy page for the older route updates.

These updates were originally designed to be used in conjunction with Howie Richardson’s  2012 Guidebook Skaha Rockclimbs   A User’s Manual and page numbers in them refer to Howie’s guidebook. A newer guidebook (Skaha Climbing by Marc Bourdon, published by Quickdraw Publications, 2018) is now available and includes all the information in these updates except for the more recent information contained in the New Stuff  update page.



Canoe Trail Crags

Summer Land


New Stuff

The Dungeon

The Sanctuary

Jericho (Cave Hill)

Off White

The Back Lane


Brevity Edge

Chatsworth Edge



Doctors’ Wall

Elusive Edge


The Fortress

Go-Anywhere Wall

Kids’ Cliff

Little White

Maternal Wall

Morning Glory

Muscle Beach

Nether Land

Raven’s Castle

Reilly Rock

Retardant Wall


Shady Lane

Screeching Wall


The Terraces

Tottering Pillar


Whitewash Buttress