New Route on Yak Peak - topo

Sept 27, 2010

Mike Shannon, Cam Robertson and Jeff Sherstobitoff have completed a new route on Yak Peak called Seven One Move Wonders of the World, 5.8+.

Route description on the downloads page now includes photo-topo. .

Watch your valuables

Sep 17, 2010

Just a warning to everyone to not leave any valuables in their cars. There has been at least one car break-in this past week, where a bag was taken from the back seat of a car.

With the increase in the number of climbers with the Falll climbing season, the potential oppotunities theft increase. so please take good care of your stuff!

Skaha locations for Google Earth

To help everyone find the new parking lot and access road, check out this link to a Skaha.kmz file for Google Earth.

Skaha kmz available

March 8, 2009

To help locate the new parking lot and access road, the location of the crags and the numerous trails throughout the Bluffs, here is a sample Google Earth image of the Bluffs. The kmz file is available for download (see above).