There have been a lot of new routes put up at skaha since Howie Richardson’s 2012 guide came out. Some of them have been described in PDF documents available through the old skaha.org site and they are still up on our legacy page, but there might be more efficient ways of getting the information out there.

For now we are going to focus on getting new route information organized and into some sort of logical, convenient package so climbers can make the most of Skaha Bluffs.  Page numbers refer to those in Howie’s guide.

As always, be careful and use common sense. Climbing is dangerous: we will do whatever we can to publish accurate information but it is up to you to keep The Bluffs safe.  Grades and quality ratings given here are tentative. No stars could mean no stars or no information.

Thanks to all those who supplied the information contained in these updates. Sorry about the mess and whatever mistakes we publish along the way, but let us know and we will do whatever we can to clean it up.